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Nasal Dermoid


A nasal dermoid is a rare abnormality that children are born with. A small amount of skin tissue gets trapped underneath the skin itself, and forms a lump. The lump sits in the midline on the nose, or between eyes. Sometimes there is a tiny pit over the midline of the nose too, and this can have hairs inside it. Over time, the lump can grow and become infected, so surgical removal is usually recommended.

Nasal dermoids are complex, because sometimes the visible lump on the outside is just the tip of the iceberg, and in fact the lump on the inside turns into a tract that can go all the way from the nose to the brain. The management of nasal dermoids requires specialist knowledge and close co-operation between different medical specialties. Sometimes, in order to remove the dermoid, surgery both via the face and via the brain is required.

Your ENT surgeon will likely be organising scans to check how deep the dermoid goes, and will then advise you on appropriate management.

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