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Pinna Problems

The pinna is the outside of the ear that everyone can see. Because it is on show, problems are easily seen by family or strangers.

Asian Boy

Prominent Ears


If you and your child wish, the prominent ears can be corrected with surgery. Usually this will not be done until at least 5 years of age. This is because younger children usually are not self-conscious enough to be troubled by the appearance, and at this age the pinna itself is nearly adult size and is sufficiently strong to make surgery feasible. Surgery can be tricky, and adherence to post-operative instructions is crucial.

Skin tags


These are lumps of excess skin or cartilage found around the ear, usually at the front. If cosmetically troublesome, they can be excised. Increasingly, such surgery is no longer funded on the NHS.



Rarely, children are born with an ear that is small and incompletely developed. Parents are faced with two issues here: hearing and appearance. When the baby is born, the focus will be very much on the hearing to ensure that the child's development is not affected. Correcting the appearance can be tricky, and might involve surgery or the construction of a plastic artificial ear. Care from clinicians experienced in the management of this condition is paramount. 

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