Watch out for the BOARS!

British Otorhinolaryngology and Allied Sciences Research Society Autumn meeting is coming to Nottingham!

BOARS is the premier forum for high quality ENT research in UK, with a unique format that allows trainees to give talks and receive feedback from leading academics. It is also a unique opportunity where research-active / academic trainees meet to share experiences, foster collaborations, and help each other.


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Rationing News

NHS England has published their response to the public consultation on Procedures of Limited Clinical value (things like tonsillectomy and grommets). This looks like a sensible approach. I hope this i

National ENT Audit Day

Great meeting today at the National ENT Audit Day. Lots of interesting discussion about emergency care, including periorbital cellulitis, tonsillectomy complications and neck infections. It was great                                                                       Contact ENTchild

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